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Islands Trust Collection

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Hornby Island Community Archives

R.G. 3

Acc.No.: 2018-10-17/58

Finding aid created by Regan Fahey

Last Updated: October 17, 2018

Title: Islands Trust Collection

Level of description: Collection

General material designations: textual records and cartographic materials

Extent: 48 cm

Creator(s): The Islands Trust (1974- present), Hillary Brown, Betty Smith, Dave Gerow

Dates of creation: 1969-2001

Administrative History: The Islands Trust was created by the British Columbia provincial government in 1974 to control unbridled development and to “preserve and protect” the Gulf Islands.

Scope and content: The records of this collection focus primarily on land use and the development of the Official Community Plan and the creation and amendments of zoning and subdivision by-laws. This collection contains meeting minutes and some correspondence from the Advisory Planning Commission (A.P.C), a variety of applications for different devolpments and subdividision requests as well as feedback from community members concerning these requests and community input process of developing and amending the land use by-laws.

Source of supplied title: Title is based on the creator of the collection

Immediate source of acquistion: All original accession date(s) and donor(s) are unknown as the Hornby Island Community Archives acquired the records several years prior to their being accessioned in 2018.

Arrangement: Rearrangement of the records occurred between donation and accessioning as the majority of the records were stored for a number of years and then transferred to the archives building before being accessioned and processed in 2018, the original filing scheme of the records was reconstructed during archival arrangement on the basis of chronological order.

Language of materials: English

Record no.: R.G. 3

Repository: Hornby Island Community Archives

Finding aids: Finding aid available with file level control

Associated material: Other records related to the Islands Trust are found in the Betty Smith Collection, due to her service as a Trustee

Accurals: Further accurals are expected

File Inventory

Box 1

1-1 1969, 1970: Correspondence and a petition

Re: land use, planning and the appointment of the local advisory group

1-2 1971: Correspondence and a questionniare

Re: 10 acre subdivision freeze, Hillary Brown’s personal assement of the desired direction for Hornby Island planning, seasonal residents lack of oppourtunity to participate in planning, 1971 planning study questionaire

1-3 Hornby Island Planning Study 1971

2 copies, one with Betty Smith’s notations

1-4 1972: Recommendations and Correspondence

Re: Hornby Planning Committee recommendations, the planning process, Blodel Tree Farm No.19, green belt, minimum lot size, zoning and subdivision by-laws, land use contracts and miscellaneous

1-5 Hornby Island zoning and subdvision by-law first draft, 1972

1-6 Planning Committee meeting notes, 1972

1-7 1973: Plans, Correspondence, memos and briefs

Re: Commnunity Plan, zoning and subdivision bylaws, agricultural land reserve, Gulf Island Committee, trails association and miscellaneous.

1-8 1974: Correspondence, By-laws, and Notices

Re: zoning by-laws, proposed Ridge-Swamp Wilderness Park (Link- Parsons, Kniefel, Zielinski), H.I Zoning By-law 1972 (with handwritten notes), rezoning considerations, appointment of Hillary Brown as Chariman of Trustees, sale of Flora (Flower) Island, notice of poll for 1974 trustee election, Island inventory for Islands Trust (census of Hornby’s population and demographic) and miscellaneous.

1-9 1975: Correspondence, Reports, Maps, minutes and memorandums

Re: Wilderness Area, sanitation health concerns, permits and building codes, anti-litter campaigns, 3 maps with coloured legends (author unknown), subdivision of ALR, Community Plan 4th draft and Final draft (2 copies of each, handwritten notes), minutes of A.P.C meeting, petitin for support of 5 acre minimum, amendments to subdivision by-law, Review of the first 15 months of the Islands Trust, fire fighting and miscellaneous.

Box 2

2-1 1976 (January-April) : Correspondence, minutes and notes

Re: minimum lot size, application for Wellsite/Road on Crown land, Islands Trust general meeting, Community Plan, community land, suggestions for A.P.C procedures, A.P.C meeting minutes, gravel removal from beaches, oyster ease and miscellaneous.

2-2 1976 (May-December) : Correspondence, notes, and reports

Re: zoning amendments, Briefing notes for the minister, Community Plan, restrictive covenants, outdoor recreation questionaire, Hillary Brown’s comments on the Islands Trust, the General Trust, Report to the Islands, notes on public meeting on draft of community plan, notice of poll, Lasqueti Island, miscellaneous.

2-3 Advisory Planning Commission (A.P.C) minutes notebook, 1974-1976

A notebook of minutes recorded by Betty Smith of A.P.C meetings spanning the time period of 1974-1976.

2-4 1977: Correspondence and reports

Re: Agricultural Land Reserve, conflict of interest, development of Spray Point, Community Plan, report of the Committee on Procedures, herbicide use, Flora (Flower) Island, straw poll, amendments to Islands Trust, subdivision, newsletter, miscellaneous.

2-5 Correspondence of A.P.C., 1976-1977

Letters written by Betty Smith as the APC secretary, originally contained in binder labelled “letters written A.P.C.”, binder discarded due to condition.

Re: aquisition of Crown Land, Community Plan, Oak grove, zoning by-law contraventions, clarification of A.P.C. scope, garbage dump, timber cutting, gravel removal, Land Commission, sanitation procedures, road conditions, Spray Point development, and miscellaneous

2-6 A.P.C minutes notebook, 1974-1977

A notebook of minutes recorded by Betty Smith of A.P.C meetings spanning the time period of 1974-1977.

2-7 1978: Correspondence, newsletter and ephemera

Re: Cheekeye-Dunsmuir transmission line project, Whaling Station Bay Improvent District community well, Denman subdivision, dogs and livestock, A.L.R, waterfront set-backs, Link-Parsons land, and miscellaneous

2-8 Islands Trust statistical data and review of housing (2 booklets), 1978

– Islands Trust. Some Basic Statistical Data for the Designated Islands.

– Land of the Trust Islands. A Review of Subdivision, Housing and Ownership.

Box 3

3-1 1979: Correspondence, memorandums, and applications

Re: Link-Parsons, guest cottages, foreshore rights (Tribune Bay), Tribune Bay Park Draft Development Concept, Gooey Ducks, Tribune Bay Provincial Park, coastal zones, A.P.C. minutes, applications for sewage disposal system, Islands Trust data including lease specifics, and miscellaneous.

3-2 1980: Correspondence, Reports, minutes, memorandums and maps

Re:Committee on taxation report, Trust Committee meeting minutes, marina at the Thatch, mining, Tribune Bay Provincial Park, subdivision, A.P.C. election results, commercial area review, A.P.C. minutes, regional water study, Tribune Bay foreshore, pollution control, zoning by-law amendments, and miscellaneous

3-3 1981: Correspondence, notes

Re: commercial zone, zoning by-law amendment propsal notes, shellfish reserve, Raven Lumber strata application, Shingle Spit and miscellaneous

3-4 A.P.C. notebook and notes, 1980-1981

Notebook and loose notes of Chairman Dave Gerow.

3-5 Hornby Island Zoning By-Law, 1981. Draft. January 1982

2 copies, one with handwritten notes (author unknown) and inserted on pg. 15 are 3 loose pages – a copy of a letter from Hillary Brown to the A.P.C (1982), a photocopy of the schedules of restrictions for Heron Rocks (1973) and a copy of a letter re: ALR and Compatible Uses to Harrison Brown (1973)

3-6 Community responses to Draft of Hornby Island By-law – correspondence. 1982

3-7 1982: Correspondence, notes, minutes, notices, and ephemera

Re: Trust Committee meeting minutes, Flora Island, By-law draft, airstrip, Raven Lumber, subdivision application and issues related to subdividing, Whaling Station Bay, Community Plan, rezoning Shingle Spit, A.P.C election results, abolition of the Trust, notice of poll and miscellaneous

3-8 The Islands. Island Trust newsletter, 1982-1983

Volume 1 – January 1982 (2 copies)

Volume 1, No.2 – June 1982 (2 copies)

Volume 2, No.1 – August 1983 (2 copies)

3-9 1983-1984: Newsletter, notices, and correspondence

Re: interisland alliance, welcoming address to Trust Council meeting, review of Islands Trust

Box 4

4-1 1985: Correspondence, notices, applications and ephemera

Re: Whaling Station Bay Park Development, Bradsdadsland campsite (Stormwell), election results, interisland alliance, and miscellaneous

4-2 1986-1987: Correspondence, plans, memorandums and ephemera

Re: Intro to Islands Trust pamplet (2 copies), Bradsdadsland(Stormwell) campsite, Fillongly, Helliwell, Tribune Bay, and Sandy Island Provincial Parks Master Plan, guest dwellings on strata lots, Islands Trust Act Review

4-3 1988: Notices, notes, correspondence and memorandums

Re: meeting agenda, T’ai Chi retreat application, community plan, Sorenson Trail (High Salal trail between Helliwell and Tribune Bay), Bradsdadsland

4-4 1989: Correspondence, applications and maps

Re: High Salal Trail, golf course proposal

4-5 1992-1993: Notices, ephemera, and correspondence

Re: Trust Park advisory committee, Ford’s cove, Hornby Island pilot project groundwater management workshop and miscellaneous

4-6 1994: Reports, Correspondence and a poll

Re: Groundwater Pilot Project Final Report, “Islands Trust Public Opinion Poll”

4-7 2001: Correspondence, petitions and Plans

Re: Hornby Island Community Plan Draft #1 – Community Plan Review Process, rezoning application

4-8 Notices, reports, survey, and miscellaneous documents, n.d

Re: Development density, planning on Hornby Island, Islands Trust survey, By-law draft, foreshore leases, home occupations and home industries, community services, community plan, a personal review of the Islands Trust (author unknown)

4-9 Islands Trust emphemera, n.d

A Guide to Planning, Zoning and Subdivision Control in the Islands Trust Area, a bookmark and a pamphlet