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The purpose of the Hornby Island Archives is to collect and preserve archival material that illustrates the growth and development of the Hornby Island community. We collect and conserve material that reflects activities on Hornby Island and its adjacent waters. We also collect and conserve material relating to activities of Hornby Island residents, past amd present.

We accept historical material of any medium, including textual records, maps, plans, and architectural records; photographs, slides, films, videos, and other visual and audio-visual records; sound recordings and tapes of oral history; and ephemera. We do not accept minutes or financial records of societies or government organizations, such as HIRRA, Islands Trust, Conservancy Hornby Island, HIES, etc. We do accept notes and letters related to such organizations. We encourage societies and organizations to set up their own archival storage and will offer advice on doing so.

All materials considered for inclusion in the Archives will be approved at the discretion of the New Horizons Archives committee. Material accepted will be on the basis of complete ownership given to the Archives. Material accepted on this basis may be kept in whole or in part; for any part deemed unwanted by the committee the donor will have first refusal of return. Material acquired by the Hornby Island Community Archives will become the permanent property of the Archives.

Please do not bring anything to the Archives without contacting the committee first. We cannot accept material dropped off at the building or left in the FreePost.