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Hornby Island New Horizons Society Collection

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Hornby Island Community Archives

R.G. 4

Acc. No.: 2016-04-13/24; 2016-06-24/39;

2019-10-23/84; 2020-02-01/107

Finding aid created by Hannah Wiseman

Last updated: February 2020

Title: Hornby Island New Horizons Society Collection

Level of description: collection

General material designation: textual records, graphic materials, architectural drawings, cartographic materials, and moving images

Extent: 91 cm

Creator(s): Hornby Island New Horizons Society (1975-present); Hilary Brown (1909-2007); Betty Smith (1901-1989); Charles Stredulinsky

Dates of creation: 1957, 1973-2008

Administrative history:

Established in 1975, Hornby Island New Horizons Society is a non-profit charitable organization for seniors (50+) with over 170 members and 26 lifetime members. The society’s mandate is to offer a program of social, educational, creative and physical activities for its members, to contribute to the island’s community, and provide support and space for both the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) and the Hornby Island Community Archives.

Some of the activities and events offered by New Horizons include literary lunches, film nights, a hiking group, off island trips, classes on memoir writing, yoga, meditation, pilates, and dancing, and clubs such as knitting club, garden club, book club, and photography club. The New Horizons building is also rented out to various community groups for meetings and events.

When the society was formed in 1975 it started as an informal group known unofficially as the Hornby Island Seniors. This group was spearheaded by Hilary Brown, Lorna McPherson, Arnie and Marion Armstrong, Muriel Rogers, and Rita Trimble. The first meeting was held on October 23, 1975 in the community hall. Muriel Rogers was elected as the first president and Betty Smith as secretary. The group planned to hold weekly meetings and to apply for a New Horizons grant in order to start a community library and an arts and crafts centre. Games nights were held at these first meetings.

The society received a grant from the federal New Horizons for Seniors Program in 1977 and was registered as a charitable organization by Revenue Canada on December 6, 1977.

Crown Land was purchased on Sollans Road. The construction of the society’s building was financed in part by the Canada Works program and included local builder Cal Witt. The official opening of the building occurred in May 1978.

The first meeting of the board was held on June 4, 1978. Hilary Brown was elected president and Muriel Rogers, vice president. Several committees were formed at this meeting including the Building Committee, Grounds Committee, Financial Committee, Fundraising Committee, Library Committee, and Social Committee.

In 1978 the Library Committee established the New Horizons community library. As it was not part of the public library system the library was set up and catalogued by a librarian who happened to be living on the island, Jeannette Fish. After Fish moved in late 1979 the library was run entirely by volunteers, and in the summers, student librarians. The library closed around the time the island’s Vancouver Island Regional Library branch moved to its current location in the New Horizons building in 1990.

Throughout the 1970s and into the early 1980s, the Historical or Heritage Committee of New Horizons (predecessor to the current Archives Committee), spearheaded by Betty Smith, worked on having the Ford Family Cemetery designated as a historic site. While the cemetery was not registered as a historic site, the committee was successful in getting it officially closed to further burials. Responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery was transferred in trust to Hornby Island New Horizons Society in perpetuity. The Ford Family Cemetery is located on private land near Ford’s Cove.

In 1985, the Archives Committee established the Hornby Island Archives (now the Hornby Island Community Archives) and started storing historical records in a small basement office in the New Horizons building.

The New Horizons building (sometimes referred to as New Horizons Hall) is located at 1765 Sollans Road. The society also owns the Betty Smith Centre (previously the old schoolhouse), which houses the Hornby Island Fabricators, a weaving and spinning club, and is located across from the hall. The Hornby Island Community Archives has also been located across from the hall, in a small purpose-built building, since 2015.

Scope and content: The records pertain to the establishment and history of the society, the construction and renovations of the New Horizons building, the creation and management of the New Horizons library, the society’s finances, the activities of the society’s various committees, and the community events and activities sponsored by the society. The collection includes textual records, correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, reports, notes, financial records, member lists, photographs, architectural drawings, maps, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera.

Source of supplied title: Title is based on the creator of the collection.

Immediate source of acquisition: The collection contains several previously accessioned files, which were donated by Hilary Brown (990.1, 990.1.3, 992.56) in 1990 and 1992, Muriel Rogers (990.31) in 1990, Muriel Loven (991.19) in 1991, Helen Onorah (Gerow) (991.35.1) in 1991, and Joyce Jeffries (992.106) in 1992, as well as collected by the archivist and/or committee members (985.91, 990.2, 992.61, 992.71, 992.119, 992.177, 993.29) between 1985 and 1992. All other original accession date(s) and donor(s) are unknown as Hornby Island Community Archives acquired the records several years prior to their being accessioned in 2016.

Arrangement: The original filing scheme of the records was reconstructed during archival arrangement on the basis of file markings on the documents in order to retain as much of the original order as possible. However, some rearrangement of the records may have occurred between donation and accessioning as the records were stored for a number of years and then transferred to the archives building before being accessioned and processed in 2016-2017.

Language of materials: English

Record no.: R.G. 4

Repository: Hornby Island Community Archives

Rights: Copyright held by Hornby Island New Horizons Society. Copyright of contents on 20th anniversary videocassette tapes held by Charles Stredulinsky (File: 7-11).

Copyrights of architectural plans and technical drawings are held by the architects or engineers.

Finding aids: Finding aid available with file level control.

Associated material: Other records relating to the history and activities of Hornby Island New Horizons Society can be found in the Hilary Brown Collection (R.G. 18).

Accruals: Further accruals are expected.

File Inventory

Box 1

1-1 Formation of New Horizons Society : notebook of meeting minutes, 1975-1976

1-2 Formation of New Horizons Society : Correspondence, notes, ephemera, financial documents and applications, 1977

Re: the New Horizons program, book grant from Canada Council, New Horizons government flyer, Nanoose Library Center Society, application for grant for Hornby Community Library and Arts Centre, funding request budget, application to lease Crown land, notice of plans for a community library centre, financial statement, constitution, notice of registration, certificate of corporation, list of founding members

1-3 Receipt book, 1977

1-4 Building of New Horizons : notes and financial documents, 1977-1978

1-5 Notices, correspondence and financial documents, 1978

Re: update on building of New Horizons and library, official opening, meeting minutes, supplies orders and costs, finance summary, fundraising information, Canada Works program and miscellaneous

1-6 Correspondence, financial documents, and ephemera 1978 (1 photograph)

Re: library, Canada Works program, newspaper clippings, receipts, activity and accounting report, Nanoose Library Centre Society, funding approval, library grant accounting, and miscellaneous

6-1 Nanoose Library Centre Society

1-7 Notices, financial documents, correspondence and notes, 1979

Re: New Horizons and Library information, receipts, grant applications and information, supplies, Canada Council, book donations, financial reports, and miscellaneous

1-8 B.C Youth Employment Programme : Correspondence, financial documents and applications, 1979

1-9 Financial Records, 1979-1979

1-10 Canada Works Project : Correspondence, applications, financial documents and employee records, 1977-1979

Box 2

2-1 Correspondence, notes, applications, financial documents, 1980

Re: First Edition, list of volunteer librarians, provincial youth employment program, supplies, notice of directors and constitution, museum and archives assistance fund, balance sheet, treasurers report and miscellaneous

2-2 Reports, correspondence, notes, applications and financial documents, 1981

Re: New Horizons society and board members, archives, book lists, student employment program, grant applications, library, statement of revenue and expenses and miscellaneous

2-3 New Horizons Gallery : financial documents, 1980-1982

2-4 Notices, correspondence, notes, financial documents and ephemera, 1982

Re: library, funding, fundraising, opening of library extension, statement of revenue and expenses, cheque stubs, library centre building project budget, maintenance, building commitee report and summary and miscellaneous

2-5 Reports, correspondence, applications and financial documents, 1983-1984

Re: Presidents report to A.G.M, library donation, herring fishery, property assessment, Elementary school buildings, presidents report to A.G.M, supplies, summer Canada Works, statement of revenue and expenses

2-6 Friends of the Old School House: Correspondence, newsletters, meeting agendas and minutes, notes, membership cards, clippings, and other ephemera, 1980-1985, 1995 ( 4 photographs)

Re: the preservation and eventual moving of the original Hornby Island schoolhouse

6-1 Moving original school to New Horizons library, 1985

6-2 Moving original school to New Horizons library, 1985

6-3 Moving original school to New Horizons library, 1985

6-4 Moving original school to New Horizons library, 1985

2-7 Old schoolhouse development permit, 1985

2-8 Old schoolhouse ephemera, 1985

2-9 Quilt group (Stitch and Bitch), 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986 (5 photographs)

2-10 Old Timers Reunion: notesbooks, correspondence, notes, and lists, 1980-1988 (13 photographs)

Re: Old Timers luncheon notebook, invitation to 1981 gatherings, invitation list, old timers reunion, 1983 notebook, lists of names and addresses, and miscellaneous

10-1 Old Timers Reunion, 1983. Ken Peters, Jack Parnell, Muriel Harwood Peters

10-2 Old Timers Reunion, 1983. Bill Arthurs, Albert Savoie

10-3 Old Timers Reunion, 1983. Norah McGee Fuller, Annie McGee

10-4 Old Timers Reunion. Edith Scott Wilcox, Wm Arthurs, Millie Hunt (Tribune Lodge)

10-5 Old Timers Reunion,1983. Irene Ostby, Sidney Scott

10-6 through 10-13 do not have identifications

2-11 Reports, correspondence, notes and ephemera, 1985-1988 (4 photographs)

Re: Presidents report, literary lunch, book lists, bookmobile, amended constitution, and miscellaneous

11-1 through 11-4 South side of New Horizons prior to building new library

Box 3

3-1 Library – guest book, 1978-1986

3-2 Library – cash disbursements and vouchers, 1978-1981

3-3 Library – account book, 1982

3-4 Library – checkout book, 1979-1983

3-5 Library – calendars, 1979-1984

3-6 Library – membership receipt book, 1979-1988

3-7 Library – notes and queries book, 1980-1982

3-8 Library – membership book, 1980-1983

3-9 Library – membership book, 1984-1990

3-10 Library – calendars, 1985-1989

Box 4

4-1 Library – circulation statistics, 1978-1990

4-2 Library – notes, n.d (2 photographs)

4-3 Financial documents, correspondence and ephemera, 1990-1992

Re: statement of revenue and expenses, community relations, phone book, Vanier student bursary, school centennial committee and miscellaneous

4-4 Expense book, 1993-1995

4-5 Lists, ephemera and financial documents, 1993-1995

Re: active member list, events at New Horizons, hall rental, A.G.M, financial reports, constitution and by-laws

4-6 Building renovations/extension – architectural drawings, notes, and photographs, 1994-1995 (19 photographs)

4-7 Elder housing building project, new library, and events at New Horizons Centre – photographs, c. 1989-1996 (14 photographs)

4-8 Hornby Island New Horizons’ 20th Anniversary celebration video (by Charles Stredulinsky), 1997 (2 videocassette tapes – duplicate)

4-9 Writings, lists, financial documents, c. 1997-1999

Re: Beryl Gepperts memories of 20 yrs of New Horizons, membership list, hall rental, treasurers report, financial summary and miscellaneous

4-10 Ephemera, notes, meeting minutes,financial documents, 2000

Re: Quaterly bulletin, events at New Horizons, board meeting minutes, treasurers report, hall rental and miscellaneous

4-11 Reports, meeting minutes and financial documents, 2001

Re: Board meeting minutes, treasurers report, strategic planning, committee reports, A.G.M, rental agent, and miscellaneous

Box 5

5-1 Ephemera, correspondence, financial documents and meeting minutes, 2002

Re: Constitution and by-laws, bulletin, board meeting minutes, financial reports, supplies, hall rental and miscellaneous

5-2 Reports, meeting minutes, financial documents and ephemera, 2003

Re: information bulletin, water sample results, board meeting minutes, membership list, balance sheet, A.G.M., maintenance, commitee reports and miscellaneous

5-3 Reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, financial documents and ephemera, 2004

Re: information bulletin, water sample results, board meeting minutes, balance sheets, budget comparisons, presidents report, committee reports, and miscellaneous

5-4 Financial documents and meeting minutes, 2005

Re: budget comparisons, financial statements, board meeting minutes,

5-5 Printouts of photographs, 2007 (13 photographs)

Accrual 2019-10-23/84

5-6 Correspondence, financial documents and reports, 1977-1985, 1986, 1989

Re: establishment of New Horizons Society, balance sheet, annual reports, amendments to the bylaws, and miscellaneous

5-7 New Horizons Society Original Charter and Meetings from December 6, 1977, March 2, 1977 to December 1979

Re: meeting minutes and financial documents contained in a grey binder with the above title written in black marker on front cover and side. Original order retained.

5-8 Hornby Island New Horizons Society Meetings January 1980-December 1982

Re: meeting minutes, financial documents and reports contained in a blue binder with the above title written in black marker on the front cover and side. Original order retained.

5-9 New Horizons Society Meetings, January 1983 to December 1986

Re: meeting minutes, financial documents, reports, correspondence and ephemera contained in a blue binder with the above title written in black marker on the front cover. Original order retained.

5-10 New Horizons Society Meetings January 1987 – December 1989

Re: meeting minutes, financial documents, reports, correspondence and ephemera contained in a pink binder with the above title written in black marker on the front cover. Original order retained.

Box 6

6-1 Album – The Old School Project, c 1985

Re: album containing board meeting minutes, correspondence and ephemera related to the Old Timers Reunion and The Old School Project. Put together by an unknown hand, although the letters are addressed to Hilary Brown and her writing is throughout

6-2 Album – Hornby Island Old School Vol.2, c.1985

Re: album containing board meeting minutes, correspondence and ephemera related to The Old School Project. Put together by an unknown hand, although the letters are addressed to Hilary Brown and her writing is throughout

6-3 Album – untitled, c.late 1970’s/early 1980’s

Re: album containing correspondence, ephemera and photographs, some of the Old Timers reunion in 19814. Compiled by an unknown hand.

Accrual 2019-10-23/84

Box 7

7-1 Notices, reports, financial documents, and minutes, 1987, 1991-1996, 1998

Re: balance sheet, AGM reports, revised constitution and by-laws, membership list, meeting minutes and miscellaneous

7-2 Correspondence, 1991-1992

Re: concerns for the direction of New Horizons as an organization

7-3 Reports, ephemera, correspondence, notices and notes, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1994-1997, c.1977, n.d (1 photo strip with 4 photographs)

Re: disposition of John Wells-Henderson property which was left to the New Horizons Society, craft gallery, bursary committee, the story of the roof as remembered by Muriel Rogers, notes for Hilary’s 80th, survey, Founding members list and miscellaneous

13-1 Collecting and making shakes, roofing New Horizons

7-4 Fabricators : Correspondence, notes and reports, c 1989. 1990-1991, 1995-1997, n.d

Re: request from Muriel Rogers to have the Betty Smith Centre designated as a “Craft House”, Fabricators reports to the New Horizons AGM, brief history of weaving on Hornby by Muriel Rogers.

7-5 Library: Notes, correspondence and memos, 1989, 1998

Re: transition to Vancouver Island Regional Library facilities in the New Horizons building, rental agreement and rates bewteen VIRL and New Horizons

7-6 20th Anniversary Celebration, 1997

Re: 1 VHS cassette tape

7-7 Ephemera, correspondence, minutes and financial documents, 2001-2003

Re: program of activities, hall rental rates and policies, information bulletin, history of New Horizons project, meeting minutes, notes on future income, membership list, potluck teams, balance sheet, and miscellaneous

7-8 History of New Horizons, 2002

Re: rough draft of the project by member Alan Gustafson

7-9 Notes on the History of New Horizons, n.d

Re: notes by Alan Gustafson, including interviews with early founders of New Horizons and lists of Presidents and elected directors

7-10 Some of the Creators of New Horizons. Voices from the past, 2001 (7 audiocassettes)

Re: In a small cardboard box with above title, recorded interviews with Muriel Rogers, Hilary Brown, Beryl Geppert, Bevan Savory, Lea Savory, Ken Loven, Erma Parker

7-11 History of New Horizons, n.d (7 photographs)

Re: timeline of New Horizons building and additions and pictures of founding members

11-1 Beryl Gepperts

11-2 Muriel Rogers

11-3 Ken and Muriel Loven

11-4 Hilary Brown

11-5 Bevan Savory

11-6 Erma Parker

11-7 unidentified woman

7-12 New Horizons newsletters, 1988, 1990, n.d

Re: handwritten and typed newsletters

7-13 Ephemera, n.d

Re: submissions for a logo for New Horizons, including the one chosen by Dick Wyndham

Accrual 2020-02-01/107

7-14 Correspondence, reports, minutes and financial documents, 2003. 2005-2006

Re: grant applications for New Horizons roof repair, AGM minutes and reports, balance sheets, Constitution and by-laws