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Hornby Island Co-op Association Collection

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Hornby Island Community Archives

R.G. 7

Acc. Nos.: 2016-04-07/15; 2016-04-12/22; 2016-06-24/38

2019-07-11/77; 2019-11-21/90

Finding aid created by Hannah Wiseman

Last updated: September 2019

Title: Hornby Island Co-operative Association Collection

Level of description: collection

General material designation: textual records, graphic materials, architectural drawings, and objects

Extent: 66 cm

Creator(s): Hornby Island Co-operative Association (1955-present); Hornby Island Post Office (1891-present); Hilary Brown; Jennifer Armstrong; Paul Wullum

Dates of creation: 1950-2011

Administrative history:

The 104th co-op established in B.C., Hornby Island Co-operative Association was formed in 1955. The original board was composed of Irene Walton, president; Evelyn Fowler, secretary, and Ed Westwood, Barney French and John Cleasby, directors. Hilary Brown volunteered as the store’s manager until John Richards was hired.

The association purchased the stock of Jimmy Loutet’s Salt Spray Grocery store, as he was retiring, and opened the first Hornby Island Co-op Store in Loutet’s space on December 4, 1955.

While business was slow and finances were tight for several years, the association was eventually able to purchase land and build a new store. ½ an acre of land was purchased from Brigadier Shields and a small store constructed by volunteers in 1957. The current store was built in 1983 when, due to wood rot and cramped conditions, the previous building was torn down.

Hornby Island Co-operative Association runs a grocery and hardware store, gas bar, and post office.

Hornby Island Post Office

Hornby Island Post Office was officially opened on March 1, 1891 in a small shack at Ford’s Cove. The first postmaster was George Ford. In the early years the mail was brought to the island by boat from Nanaimo, then later by rail to Union Bay and boat via Denman Island.

Residents of the island took turns running the post office and due to the small salary the office of postmaster changed hands frequently.

When Jean Parnell was postmaster (1958-1969) the post office was located at the Parnell Resort at Shingle Spit. At this time the mail was delivered three times a week.

In 1975 Hornby Island Co-operative Association became the official postmaster of the post office. The post office has since been located in the Co-op Store.

Scope and content: The records pertain to the establishment of the association, its history, finances, building projects, members, and community involvement, as well as the everyday business of the store and gas bar. The collection also includes an accrual of records that pertain to the history, finances, and business activities of the Hornby Island Post Office. The collection includes textual records, correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, notes, notices, financial records, photographs, negatives, architectural drawings and blueprints, compact discs, newspaper clippings and other ephemera, and objects.

Source of supplied title: Title is based on the creator of the collection.

Immediate source of acquisition: The collection contains several previously accessioned files, which were donated by Helen Onorah (Gerow) (991.11, 991.35.1, 991.35.2) in 1991 and collected by the archivist and/or committee members (992.77, 992.166, 992.196, 993.21) between 1990 and 1993. An accrual was donated by Paul Wullum at an unknown date (2016-06-24/38). All other original accession date(s) and donor(s) are unknown as Hornby Island Community Archives acquired the records several years prior to their being accessioned in 2016.

Arrangement: The original filing scheme of the records was reconstructed during archival arrangement on the basis of file markings on the documents in order to retain as much of the original order as possible. However, some rearrangement of the records may have occurred between donation and accessioning as the records were stored for a number of years and then transferred to the archives building before being accessioned and processed in 2016-2017.

Language of materials: English

Record no.: R.G. 7

Repository: Hornby Island Community Archives

Rights: Copyright held by Hornby Island Co-operative Association.

Copyrights of architectural plans and technical drawings are held by the architects or engineers.

Terms governing use, reproduction and publication: 50th anniversary photographs (File 4-13) may be copied for reference purposes only. Use of photographs for any other purpose cannot be made without written permission of Jennifer Armstrong and Paul Wullum.

Finding aids: Finding aid available with file level control.

Associated material: The originals of the photocopied post office documents are located in the archives of Library and Archives Canada (formerly National Archives Canada).

Accruals: Further accruals are expected.

File Inventory

Box 1

1-1 Land purchase for the Co-op : Correspondence and a map. 1950, 1956-1959.

Re: Subdivision in Section 6 Hornby Island, map, agreement and termination of agreement with Grace Melvin, purchase of property from Peter R. Sheilds and Beulah A Ross, request for culvert pipe, road allowance concerns, concerns over title to the property, termination of agreement by P.R. Sheilds, refusal to vacate the property by the Association, procurement of certificate of title, and miscellaneous.

1-2 Establishment of the Hornby Island Cooperative Association : Correspondence and ephemera, 1955.

Re: application for membership in the B.C. Co-operative Wholesale Society, Co-operative Associations Act.

1-3 Establishment of the Hornby Island Cooperative Association : Correspondence and photographs, 1957. (3 photographs, 9 negatives)

3-1 Building of the Co-op store, 1957

3-2 The Co-op moving crew celebrating at Seabreeze, 1957

3-3 Lunch at Fowlers. Day of move. 1957. Pete and Pearl Bos, Tip and Flo Charlewood, Bill and Evelyn Fowler, Margaret and Eddie Westwood, Alex Beckman, Josh Gorry, Don Arthurs, Hillary Brown, John Cleasby.

1-4 Directors Meeting Minute Book, Sept.14, 1955-May 13, 1958. (photocopy)

This is a verified copy of the orginal notebook, as the original is restricted due to its’ delicate nature.

1-5 Directors Meeting Minute Book, Sept.14, 1955-May 13, 1958.


1-6 Messages, Appeals, Ephemera, Correspondence and Financial Documents. 1958, 1960.

Re: A message from the Board of Directors, appeal to the community to invest in share capital, “Just a store or something more” article by Hillary Brown in British Columbia Co-operator, list of Co-op equities, short form audit report and miscellaneous.

1-7 Appeals, Correspondence, Financial documents, Lists and Notices. 1961-1969.

Re: Appeal to summer customers after theft, equity withdrawals and transfers, financial information, list of members, appeal to membership for engagement, share drive, and miscellaneous.

1-8 Register of Members book, 1955-1969.

Re: Register of Hornby Island Coop Assoc. Members #1-119. Their names, the date of their membership and the shares issued to them – some in trade for labour.

1-9 Charge Account Books, 1963-1969.

Re: Charge account books belonging to G.E Seon, Leigh Cross and “Casual”, with debits of groceries purchased and credits of cash paid listed.

1-10 Directors Report, Notice of AGM and Accountants Report, 1958-1969.

Re: Reports giving a synopsis of the challenges and successes of the year in review and stated objectives for the coming year.

1-11 Audit Report and Financial Statements, 1957-1968

1-12 Ephemera, 1955-1974.

Re: Share Certificates, Cash Payment Vouchers, Applications for Shares and Statement of Patronage Refund and Equity.

1-13 Co-op Album, 1955-1980 (10 photographs)

Co-op album retained in original order and dismantled for preservation purposes by Regan Fahey in October 2018. Creator of album was not documented, though evidence of handwritting and content suggets Hillary Brown.

13-1 Started in 1955 in premises owned by J.L Loutet of Salt Spray

13-2 Started in 1955 in premises owned by J.L Loutet of Salt Spray

13-3 Started in 1955 in premises owned by J.L Loutet of Salt Spray

13-4 (photo of new store being constructed c.1957)

13-5 (on back of photo : We moved the store from Salt Spray to its newest location at Coop corner in April 1957. This is the moving crew, celebratingat Seabreeze after the work was done! Pete Bos, ?, Margaret Westwood, Shirley Bos (standing), Pearl Bos, Bill Fowler (standing), ? Bos, Flo Charlewood, Axel Beckman)

13-6 (on back of photo : Pete Bos, ?, Margaret Westwood, Shirley Bos (standing), Pearl Bos, Bill Fowler (standing), ?, Flo Charlewood, Axel Bechman, Joshua Gorry, Evelyn Fowler (standing), Eddie Westwood, Jack Arthurs, Tip Charlewood, Hilary Brown

13-7 The New Store (front & rear) on a busy day sometime in the sixties

13-8 The New Store (front & rear) on a busy day sometime in the sixties

13-9 The New Store (front & rear) on a busy day sometime in the sixties

13-10 (view of the back of the store)

Box 2

2-1 Equities 1972

Re: Cardboard sign detailing members, total shares and active shares in 1972.

2-2 Notices, Financial Documents, Correspondence, Architectural drawing, and photographs, 1971-1979. (3 photographs)

Re: patronage refunds, share analysis, appeal for temporary financial support, blueprint of Co-op store and proposed renovation, staff concern over “paid outs” procedure, notice of closure and call for volunteer labour, postcards to Board member from Staff re: bathroom facilities.

2-1 Gas pump at Co-op Store, 1979 (R.H. Cain photo credit)

2-2 Tom Burrows in the Ringside, c late 1970’s/early 1980’s (R.Cain?)

2-3 Gord Bateman in the Coop, c late 1970’s/early 1980’s (R. Cain)

2-3 Board of Dirctors Manual, 1975.

2-4 Shareholders Correspondence and Financial Documents, 1956-1978.

Re: withdrawal of equity of deceased members and overdue accounts.

2-5 Directors Report, Notice of AGM and Financial Statements, 1970-1984.

Re: Reports giving a synopsis of the challenges and successes of the year in review and stated objectives for the coming year.

2-6 Comparison of Financial Data, 1968-1980.

2-7 Audits, 1971-1984

2-8 Acquiring Land for the new store: Correspondence,maps and ephemera. 1978-1980.

Re: land purchase from M. Scott, Open letter by Hillary Brown for need for expansion, The First Edition Hornby Island Free Press 1980 : Coop proposal to purchase campsite property and appeal to new membership, open letter detailing proposal to purchase campsite property, letter from Hillary Brown to Board of Directors in support of the project.

2-9 Architechtual Drawings, 1982.

2-10 Increase of share equity: Notices, Lists and Notes, 1983.

Implementation of the requirment of a Co-op member in good standing to own 11 shares at $10 each, totalling $110, in an effort to finance the new store. Member lists, notes, and forms pertaining to this.

2-11 Fundraising and Financing the New Store: Notes, Notices, Lists, Pledges and ephemera, 1983-1984.

Re: record keeping, possible financing options, appeals, information sheets, community quilt, building fund breakdown of costs and finance report to the Board, share certificates and loans from members, promotional poster for fundraiser auction

2-12 New Store : Correspondence, Notes and Drawings, c.1983-1984

Re: 7 page unsigned letter concerned over the electrical contract and work done, heat loss calculations, notes on building specifications.

2-13 New Store: Correspondence, Notices, Notes, Reports, Architechtual drawings, Financial Documents, 1983-1984.

Re: Savings certificates, finance committee report, approval of construction for new store, equity increase to finance new store, building project approved, meeting minutes, 7 blueprints, loan from Credit Union, building costs, 2 price system, notice of potluck in old store, newsletter

2-14 Financial Documents, 1982-1984

Re: expense budget, balance sheet, monthly managers reports

2-15 Notices, Reports, Financial Documents and Correspondence, 1980-1988

Re: minimum salary rate, staff meeting minutes, operating budget, membership, Archivist’s Report for AGM, patronage, wage disparity, staff dissatisfaction, Ringside market and miscellaneous

2-16 Annual General Meeting, 1985-1988, 1990-1995. 1997

Re: Notice of AGM, overview of year and adenda for meeting.

2-17 Auditor’s Report, Annual Report and Planning Report, 1986. 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997

Box 3

3-1 Correspondence, notes and manuals, 1986

Re: Union set up, job descriptions and employee manual

3-2 Notes, Financial Documents, Notices, List and Correspondence, 1988-c 2000s (3 photographs)

Re: 5 year plan, notes on financial documents, proposed seniority list, blanket vendors Ringside market, departmental head feedback, whitecards (prepaid charge accounts), Post Office admail policy, staff list, announcement of new managaer, access to information, Jean Sheils scholarship fund,

2-1 Ariel view of the Coop, 95/08/10

2-2 Ariel view of the Coop, 95/08/10

2-3 Carole Chambers and Bevan Savory, c 2000’s

3-3 Correspondence, Notes, Reports, and a Petition, 1994

Re: Controversy and turmoil involving the Board of Dircetors, the store manager and staff in regards to mismanagment and wrongful dismissal.

3-4 45th Celebration, c 2000

Hillary Brown reminiscing on the history of the Co-op, Helen O’norah’s poem about Giles Bassett saving her from a rat

3-5 50th Anniversay Photographs, c 2005 (4 compact discs)

3-6 McPherson Bursary : Correspondence and ephemera, 1991-2008 (1 photograph)

3-7 Lists and Financial Documents, 2007, 2011-2012

Re: sponsorship list, statement of operations and business plan.

3-8 Newletters and Flyers, c 1970’s-1986

3-9 “News from the Coop”, 1987-1988

3-10 “Coop News”, 1989-1992

3-11 Flyers, 1993-1997, 1999, 2000

Box 4

4-1 Post Office : Financial Documents and Correspondence, 1975, 1976, 1980-1981

Re: salary, rental space, retirement, extension of rural route

4-2 Post Office : metal date stamps

4-3 Post Office : Readdress Book, 1975


4-4 Post Office : Cash Account Book, 1977-1978

4-5 Post Office : COD Book, 1974-1980

4-6 Post Office : Registered Mail Book, 1977-1980

4-7 Post Office : COD Book, 1980-1985

4-8 Post Office : 100th Anniversary – Correspondence and ephemera, 1991

4-9 Post Office : Establishment and early history of

Re: Photocopies of documents dated 1886-1899 from the National Archives of Canada.

4-10 Ephemera, n.d

Re: early history, Coop Staff 1955-2005, shares, procedures, and miscellaneous

4-11 Ephemera, 1966, 1998, n.d

Re: Hornby Island Co-op pamplets, membership card, share capital certificate, and postcard

4-12 Hornby Island Co-op Mission Statement and Rules of Association, n.d

Accural – 2019-07-11/77

4-13 Price Book, c.1983

Re: Price book kept at the tills with prices listed by category to be entered by cashier. Masking tape on cover reads “From the Old Coop” and “1983 prices”

Box 5 (Photograph box)

5-1 First Store at Loutet’s, c.1955 (1 photograph)

5-2 Building the Co-op, c late 1957 (3 photographs)

2-1 Barney French

5-3 Building the Co-op, c 1957 (5 photographs)

3-1 Sid Slade and Barney

3-2 Barney

5-4 Moving day lunch at Seabreeze, c 1957 (2 photographs)

(see Box 1-3 for the same photo with identifications)

5-5 Interior of the Coop, c. 1957 (2 photographs)

5-6 1st Happening, 1970 (5 photographs)

6-1 Cal Witt carver

5-7 1st Happening, 1970 (3 photographs)

7-1 Anne Ngan weaving

7-2 Hillary Brown carding wool

7-3 Muriel Rogers shearing sheep

5-8 1st Happening, 1970 (7 photographs)

5-9 Moffet’s Staff and The Happening, 1972 (6 photographs)

9-1 Rainy Sunday, Feb.6, 1972

9-2 Coop Happening, 1972

9-3 Moffet’s staff – Lorna, Bronny, Muriel

9-4 Lorna McPherson, Sept.1972

9-5 Muriel Rogers, Sept.1972

9-6 Christmas 1972

5-10 Unnamed vehicle impacts Coop building, May 24, 1972 (6 photographs)

5-11 Summer of ’72 (1 photograph)

11-1 Joe, Muriel, Hillary, Bronny, Lorna

5-12 The Happening, 1972 (1 photograph)

12-1 Dale Pickering, Kevin Pool, Andrew Pool, Bob Bishop

5-13 The Happening, 1972 (1 photograph)

13-1 David Auterson, Robert Joss, Geoffrey Parnell

5-14 The Happening, 1972 (1 photograph)

14-1 Hillary Brown, Ed Colin

5-15 The Happening, 1972 (1 photograph)

15-1 Leigh Cross, Dorothy Yeomans, Heinz Laffin

5-16 The Happening, 1972 (13 photographs)

16-1 Kay Inglis

16-2 Chris Thom

16-3 Heinz Laffin

16-4 Heinz Laffin

16-5 Leigh Cross, Heinz Laffin, Jack Wells

16-6 Carol Martin

16-7 Jack Wells

16-8 Rita Trimble

5-17 The Happening, c. 1970’s (1 photograph)

17-1 Heinz Laffin

5-18 The Happening, c. 1970’s (5 photographs)

5-19 Muriel Rogers clerking, 1976 (2 photographs)

5-20 Annie Cowie, Moffet McPherson c.mid 1970’s (1photograph)

5-21 Helen (Gerow), c.mid 1970’s ( 1 photograph)

5-22 Land around the Coop, c.late 1970’s/early 1980’s (6 photographs)

These 6 poloroids were taped to white paper with typed notations beside each photograph and were removed for preservaion puproses.

22-1 This is an interior view of the 100 foot section of land. *Note the cleared and semi-develped campsite areas

22-2 This is an interior view of the souterly 145 foot section of land

22-3 This is the view of the existing Co-op store at the intersection of Saltspray Road and Central Road. The subject property is to the right of the cars in the parking lot.

22-4 This is the rear view of the Co-op store along Saltspray Road

22-5 This is the view of the proposed 100 foot section along Central Road. The cone marks approximately 100 feet

5-23 Hornby Co-op August 1980 (3 photographs)

5-24 Hornby Co-op August 1980 (2 photographs)

5-25 Hornby Co-op August 1980 (3 photographs)

5-26 Store and old Post Office, 1981 (4 photographs)

5-27 Sod turning day, Hillary Brown & Rusty Harrison. May 1983 (18 photographs)

5-28 Trish Gordon and Martha in kitchen of old store, 1983. (1 photograph)

5-29 Old store just prior to moving, October 1983 (4 photographs)

5-30 Interior of the new store, c.1983 (1 photograph)

5-31 Last days of the old store, 1983 (8 photographs)

31-1 Last day in old store, Davina

31-2 Last day in old store

31-3 Davina

31-4 P.O and cash register in old store

31-5 Looking to front of store from kitchen in old store

31-6 Valerie Pagnier and Tina Harrison

31-7 Kathy Toll checking out the Hardware bus

31-8 Kristen Humphreys

5-32 Ringside, 1987 (17 photographs, 27 negatives)

5-33 Hornby Co-op, 1991 (2 photographs)

33-1 Post Office rebuild

33-2 Chris Weix dedicated Board President

5-34 Greeting Lijiang Coop people from Yunnan China, 1992 (2 photographs)

5-35 Coop in the snow, December 1996 ( 1 photograph)

5-36 Hornby Coop float in Parade, Aug.15, 1998 (2 photographs)

36-1 Carole Chambers

5-37 Co-op and Post Office staff pics, c.1994-c2006 (10 photographs)

37-1 Helen’s (Gerown/Onorah) retirement party

37-2 Don Nixon, mailman

37-3 Don Nixon

37-4 Carole Chambers and Don Nixon

37-5 Admin and P.O end of summer party – from left to right : Sheila MacPherson, Pheobe Long, Robyn Richards, Catherine Greive, Chris Olsen, Joanne Armstrong, Carol Chambers, Marriane Trucco (on ground), Helen O’norah (seated beside Marriane)

37-6 Pheobe Long, Helen O’norah

37-7 Becca Dunne

37-8 Sheila MacPherson

37-9 Becca Dunne and John Stanley

37-10 Summer fair parade with Lorna McPherson

5-38 Hillary Brown and store, c. Early 2000’s (3 photographs)

Box 6 (Photograph box)

Photo Album, 1971-1972, 1983-1984 (6-1 through 6-32)

This album was put together by an unknown hand. Notations made beside the photos have been recorded before dismantling the album for archival purposes. Descriptions in brackets are for clarification purposes (unless otherwise noted) and were not a part of the original album.

6-1 (The Happeing) (6 photographs)

1-1: Dick Martin

1-2: Dick Martin, Annie Cowie Fearman

1-3: Pat Savoie? white hat, David Cloud black hat 1971?

1-4: Nora Laffin & Parker

6-2 Happening 1972 (9 photographs)

2-1: Kay Inglis

2-2 : (group shot)

2-3 : Heinz Laffin potting, Jim Prior

2-4: Kirsten Humphries

2-5: Moira Armour

2-6: Paul Savoie, Judy McLeod, fr.Bernard

2-7: Stevi Kittleson

2-8: Lorna McPherson

2-9: Rita Trimble

6-3 Happening 1972 (9 photographs)

3-1: Bob Phillips demonstrating potting

3-2: (group shot)

3-3: (art shot)

3-4: (table shot)

3-5: (group shot)

3-6: (store shot)

3-7: Kirsten Humphreys & Brownwen Tarmar. Christmas 1972

3-8: Mike Savory Coldbough 1972

3-9: (poloroid)

6-4 The New Coop (4 photographs) : Ariel photos showing both new and old store

4-1: The new & the old Coop. Aug.1, 1983. Taken by Bob Coldbough courtesay of Hornby Island Airways

4-2: (ariel shot)

4-3: Old & New Coop, Tribune Bay Campsite (ariel shot)

4-4: (Old store)

6-5 (The Old Store)(4 photographs)

5-1: Old Coop, Post Office, Main Electric Centre. Oct.93 (1983)

5-2: Old Co-op Store Kitchen Oct.83

5-3: Old Co-op Oct.83

5-4: “As It Was” May 83

6-6 (The Old Store) (4 photographs)

6-1: “Kate’s just been….” Old store wharehouse area & coolers Oct.83

6-2: Old Coop Store Post Office Oct.83

6-3: “The Coop Quilt” May 22 “83. Kirsten Humphries, Nadeane Trowse, Hillary Brown, Muriel Rogers, Ann

6-4: The Coop Quilt May 22 ’83. Elenora Laffin, Neil Takefman, Valerie, Kirsten (Pres.)

6-7 (Moving the old store) (3 photographs)

7-1: Tim Biggins House Remove Co.Ltd. Rick Morrits section starting out. March ’84

7-2: Tim B moving Rick’s section of the old store ($750.00) (It did get under the phone cable) March ’84 (*note these brackets were in original labels of photo album)

7-3: Rick Morrits section going up Rick’s turnoff

7-4 :Old Coop going off Central road and up Rick Morritts driveway

6-8 (Old Store) (3 photographs)

8-1: July ’83. Rick Morritt, Carole Chambres, Jim Thornsbury, Jim Cambell, Mary Turk

8-2: “The Last Supper” in the Old Coop. Carol Martin, Bevan Savory, David Usher, Bo Helliwell, Tim Biggins, Irma Parker, Rita Trimble

8-3: Old Store August 1983

6-9 (Turning the sod for New Store) (2 photographs)

-1: Hilary Brown and Jim Trimble turning first sod. May 24, 1983

-2: Hillary Brown

6-10 (Building the New Store) (4 photographs)

10-1: Forming up first wall. May/June ’83

10-2: (forming wall)

10-3: (labourers pouring concrete)

10-4: Lee Cross supervising excavations May/June ’83

6-11 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

11-1: Concrete going in on the floor. June ’83

11-2: (the basement)

11-3: Main floor June ’83

11-4: Main floor June ’83

6-12 (Moving the old store)(2 photographs)

12-1: Tim Biggins removing the old Coop store March ’84

12-2: Tim Biggins removing the old Coop store March ’84

6-13 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

13-1: From the staff room through the office. Aug.’83

13-2: Gyproc going up. Colin Barrett. Aug.’83

13-3: The Front Face….Aug’83

13-4: The Front Face….Aug.’83

6-14 (Building the New Store)(3 photographs)

14-1: “All them Rafters…” Robin Thom, Wayne Roberst, Larry Sutcliffe, Ken Sommerville. July ’83

14-2: Jim Armstong, Stevi Kittleson, Andy Slow, Terry Jackson. July ’83

14-3: Rafters, Posts, Beams. July ’83

14-4: Basement & Well. June ’83.

6-15 (Building the New Store)(5 photographs)

15-1: Lee and Doug Savory. Lee painting and Doug installing heat pump. Oct.’83

15-2: Lee and Doug Savory

15-3: Lee Savory and Lorna MacPherson paint crew Oct’83

15-4: Sid Beswick & Ken Genge painting crew. New Coop Oct.’83

15-5: Sid Beswick & Ken Genge painting crew. New Coop Oct.’83

6-16 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

16-1: “As it was from the South-East corner”. May ’83

16-2: “As it was from the North-East corner”. May ’83

16-3: “As it was” May ’83

16-4: Tim Biggins unloading his power poles. Dave Wishart. May 83

6-17 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

17-1: Timbers as they were at Croften. June ’83

17-2: Coming home with Tim Biggins (truck & trailor) June 83 with Coop timbers

17-3: Timbers for new store being retrieved by Tim Biggins from Croften. June ’83

17-4: Hillary Brown, Bob Cain, Bevan Savory. May ’83

6-18 (Turning the sod for New Store)(4 photographs)

18-1: Hillary Brown turning the first sod. May 1983

18-2: Hillary Brown turning the first sod. May 1983

18-3: Hillary Brown turning the first sod. May 1983

18-4: Everybody watching. May 24, 1983

6-19 (Building the New Store)(3 photographs)

19-1: Rusty Harrison surveying new store site. May 83

19-2: Chris Gerow getting loaded up in Dave Colley’s truck. June 83

19-2: “The Start” May ’83

19-3: “The Start” May ’83

6-20 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

20-1: Pouring the footings. Chris Gage & Co. May (crossed out) June ’83

20-2: Pouring the footings. Chris Gage & Co. May (crossed out) June ’83

20-3: Pouring concrete footings June ’83

20-4: Driver cleaning cement truck after delivery. Rusty Harrison, Manager. Ernie Toll. June ’83

6-21 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

21-1: Lorna MacPherson, Valerie Sommerville. Supervising May/June ’83

21-2: Lee Cross, Ken Sommerville May/June ’83

21-3: Power to the new Co-op. John Lewis, Jim Armstrong. May ’83

21-4: Power to the new Co-op. John Lewis, Jim Armstrong. May ’83

6-22 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

22-1: Pouring rear wall. Chris Gage + help. May ’83

22-2: Mather Trucking hauling dirt from sitre of futre store. May ’83

22-3: Forms off the 1rst wall. May 83

22-4: Removing centre of future store. June 83

6-23 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

23-1: Bringing out the excavator for its last job. June 83

23-2: Rusty Harrison on the roof. June 83

23-3: Rusty Harrison (Manager) surveying the mess. June 83

23-4: Rusty, Wayne Roberts, ?, Ken Sommerville. June ’83

6-24 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

24-1: Laying the gravel & insulation for the basement floor. June 83

24-2: Chris Gage & crew. June 83

24-3: Squares cut in insulation for piers. June 83

24-4: Studding the basement. June 83

6-25 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

25-1: Basement wall studs going up. June 83

25-2: Rick Morritt, Wayne Roberts, Ken Sommerville. Drawing the well. June 83

25-3: Chris Gage. Lining up column for concrete. May 83

25-4: Chris Gage concrete flooring crew. June 83

6-26 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

26-1: Studs. Frank me., Aaron Thom. June 83

26-2: East end going up. June 83 . Nadeane Trowses’ car

26-3: South east corner. June 83

26-4: East end. June 83

6-27 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

27-1: Rafters going up. Larry Sutcliffe, Ernie Tall. July ’83

27-2: “Frank working it out” July ’83

27-3: Through the Dairy case….July 83

27-4: Charlie supervising. Rusty’s dog. July ’83

6-28 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

28-1: Duroid going on. Ken Sommerville, Ernie Toll, Scott Harker. July ’83

28-2: Duroid going on. Ken Sommerville, Ernie Toll, Scott Harker. July ’83

28-3: Hectares of Roof. Aug. 83

28-4: Ken Sommerville, Scott Harker. July ’83

6-29 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

29-1: Rustys truck with Charlie Sept.’83

29-2: Tim Biggins delivering the insulation. Wayne Roberts, Ernie Toll, Ladigo Biggins, Scott Harker. July ’83

6-29 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs) (con’t)

29-3: From the mezzanine. Aug.’83

29-4: Gyproc going on in main office. Aug.’83

6-30 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

30-1:View from “Kathy’s” (?) office. Oct.’83

30-2: from one end to the other. Oct.’83

30-3: Yellow lights from the “social center” Sept.’83

30-4: Yellow lights from the “social center” Sept.’83

6-31 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

31-1: Excavation for the final 3000 gal. Gas tank. Courtesey of Dave Colley. Oct.’83

31-2: The last 3000 gal.tank! Dave Colley/Tim Biggins truck. Oct.83

31-3: New propane house Biggins Const. Ltd. Sept.83

31-4: Cabinet Shop. Ken Sommerville, Frank McCrossan. Oct’83

6-32 (Building the New Store)(4 photographs)

32-1: Frank McCrossan, Doug Savery, Irving Read, Willie Wilson, Jim Armstrong, Mary Sears, Dave Colley

32-2: Hoisting the heat pump: Cot.’83. Jim Armstorng, Mary Lewis, Willie Wilson, Dave Colley in Backhoe

32-3: Willie Wilson cleaning up at the new store. Oct.’83

32-4: Fran McCrossan, Rusty Harrison, manager making decisions re:heat pumps. Oct.83

Accural – 2019-11-21/90

Box 7

7-1 Ephemera, 1972, 1986, n.d (1 photograph)

Re: 1972 newspaper article “Your basic everything country store”, 1986 postcard, lists of Co-op managers from over the years

1-1 Lee Bodie

7-2 Camp Rainbow and MacPherson Bursary, c.1995, n.d

Re: Thank you cards to Co-op for sponsorship to Camp Rainbow with pictures of participants and Dominique Mattei winner of MacPherson Bursary

7-3 Yes Camp, c.mid 2000’s

Re: Thank you cards to Co-op for sponsorship to Yes Camp with pictures of participants

7-4 Gas Bar and Co-op, c2006, 2010 (104 photos on disc)

Re: Co-op and old Gas Bar, site prepping and building of the new Gas Bar

7-5 “Looking Back 60 Years of Co-op on Hornby” 9:18 minutes, 2015

Re: a video produced by Dale Devost in partnership with Hornby Archives