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Early Settlers Collection

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Hornby Island Community Archives

R.G. 30

Acc. No.:2019-02-15/63

Finding aid created by Regan Fahey

Last Updated: December, 2019

Title : Early Settlers Collection

Level of description: collection

Extent: 13 cm

Creator(s): Pat Smith, Ken McLeod, Lea Smith, Mr. Dahling, George Howe, Jessie Laine (McGee), Walter Gordon, Jim Manning, Jan Bevan, Edith Wilcox (Scott), John Richards

Dates of Creation: 1898-1996

Scope and content: This collection contains original documents from Hornby Islands early settlers, personal reminiscences of some early settlers and investigations into the family history of some of the early settlers.

Source of supplied title: Title is based on the creators and subject matter of the collection

Immediate source of acquisition: Kathi Linman donated some of the material on the Heatherbell family, having recieved it from Dave Peters. All other original accession date(s) and donor(s) are unknow as the Archives acquired the records several years prior to their being accessioned in 2019.

Arrangement: The collection has been arranged alphabetically and chronologically as there was no perceivable original order.

Language of materials: English

Record no.: 30

Repository: Hornby Island Community Archives

Finding aids: Finding aid available with file level control.

Related group of records: The Photograph Collection contains many images of Early Settler families.

Accurals: Further accurals are expected

File Inventory

Box 1

1-1 Ford Family : Audiocassette tapes, 1990 (2 cassettes)

Re: Ford Family history (Pat Smith) and dedication of cairn (Ken McLeod), 1990

1-2 Jessie French : Correspondence, 1970

Re: A letter written by R. Lea Smith confirming the date – September 17, 1905 – and circumstances – born to Martha and James Strachan in a lighthouse on Yellow Island, BC. – of Jessie’s birth to an unknown source.

1-3 George Heatherbell of Maplehurst : Correspondence and ephemera, 1986, 1904, 1884, 1889

Re: A letter written by David Gerow to Mr. Dahling requesting his research into the Heatherbell’s of Hornby Island, Mr. Dahling being a descent. Mr. Dahling provides a history of the Heatherbell’s “George Heatherbell of “Maplehurst” (the name of the family farm on Hornby Island), as well as photocopies of George Heatherbell’s school certificate (1904), marriage confirmation of George Heatherbell Sr (1884) and the birth certificate of George Heatherbell Jr (1889/1932).

1-4 George Heatherbell of Maplehurst: notes and photographs (3 photographs)

Re: 2 compact discs with photographs and information on Heatherbell family

4 -1 Maplehurst orchard

4-2 Maplehurst

4-3 Maplehurst

1-5 George Howe : Correspondence, 1898, 1908

Re: A postcard from George Howe to a “R.E. Scott” of Hornby Island giving Scott permission and direction regarding “chopping”, 1898, a letter to George Howe who was the deputy game warden of Hornby Island advising him that a close season had been declared for grouse of all kinds, 1908

1-6 George Howe : ephemera, 1908-1911

3 receipts for groceries and merchandise, 1908-1909

A receipt from Office of Weiler Brothers, 1909

A receipt for the sum of $3.00 for payment of BC revenue tax, 1909

3 receipts for subscrptions to newspaper periodicals, 1909-1911

A receipt for the sum of $46.00 for payment of school rates, 1908

A receipt for the sum of $24.30 for payment of assessment tax, 1909

A reciept from Thomas Ford for the sum of $30 for rent of Fords’ property on Hornby Island, 1909

1-7 McGee Family: writings and correspondence, c.1985, 2007, 2009, 2011, n.d

Originals and transcriptions of letters – “McGee Family”, “Toivo Laine & Family”, and “As Children” – from Mrs. Jessie Laine (nee McGee) reminiscing about McGee family history and life on Hornby Island in the 1920’s. Correspondence to Doris Savoie from Norah (McGee) Fuller with a print of a painting of the McGee house.

1-8 Walter Gordon : notes and photcopies of correspondence, 1907, 1921

Re: Welcoming home to Denman Island a fellow Scottish conutrywoman, 1907

Re: letters back home from England after the war

1-9 Jim Manning : Some early recollections of Hornby Island, 1968, 1977, 1979

Jim Manning arrived to Hornby Island in June 1906. In his recollections he speaks of life on the Island at that time, as well as lists the 30 residents, where they lived and his impressions of them. Included are some notes by David Gerow in his researching for the book Ebb and Flow that he made from Jim’s writings.

1-10 Jim Manning : Correspondence, 1969, 1974-1984, n.d (3 photographs)

A series of letters written by Jim Manning to Lea and Betty Smith, Dave Gerow and family and others, often reminiscing about early Hornby Island life and answering questions of both Dave and Bettys’ in their research of Hornby history for the book “Ebb and Flow”

8-1 Lea Smith and Jim Manning at the Hornby Island School, c 1976

8-2 Jim Manning at the Hornby Island School, c 1976

8-3 Lea Smith and Jim Manning at the ferry, c 1976

1-11 Savoie Family : ephemera, 1984, 1985, 1989, 1993, n.d

Re: newspaper articles related to the Savoie family and the history of the development of the ferry system on Hornby Island, obituaries for Albert and Leo and miscellaneous

1-12 Savoie Family : ephemera and notes, 1985, 1992

Re: notes about Savoie family history and printed material that was used in a Savoie Family display at an archives exhibit in 1992

Accrual 2019-12-19/102 (this file only)

1-13 Savoie Family : ephemera, 1899. 1916, 1974, 1991, n.d (3 photographs)

Re: photocopy of Leo Savoie certificate of naturalization, Leon Savoie
Logging Donkey Engineer Certificate, school work book of Alice Savoie (daughter of Leon and Virgini who died young), photocopy of Leo Savoie certificate of First Mate, Albert J Savoie story in BC Ferries Dolphin newsletter

13-1 Francis, Remi and Leo Savoie

13-2 Removal of George Savoie’s barn

13-3 Group photo – Margaret Savoie, Pearl Bos, Verna Aurthurs, Ada Parnell, Mrs. Gowder, Virgini Savoie, Angnes Aurthurs, Mary Savoie, Josephine Strachan

1-14 Scott Family : ephemera, 1902, c1920-1950’s, 1949 (12 photographs)

Re: an envelope inscribed to “R.E.Scott” of Hornby Island (1902), photocopies of declarations made by Alphonso and Caesar Scott regarding property boundaries (1949) and 12 photographs of the Scott family on Hornby Island

1-15 Scott Family : photograph album, c1920’s-1950’s (60 photographs)

1-16 Scott Family : Othoa Scott and the beginning of the BC Childrens Hospital, n.d, 1925, 1978, 1981

A notebook with the writings of Mrs. Edith Wilcox (formally Mrs. Caesar Scott) about the history of Othoa and the Children’s hospital, a typed version of the story, correspondence and promotional material from the children’s hospital and newspaper clippings.

15-1 Othoa Scott arrives in Vancouver by sea plane, “Gleam of Hope” princess, 1925

15-2 Othoa in floatplane

15-3 Othoa on dock

15-4 Othoa at English Bay

1-17 Strachan Family : 4 generations to study in Hornby school. Correspondence and photograph, 1960 (5 photographs)

Mrs. Martha (nee Ford) Strachan, Mrs. Jessie Erlandsen (later French), Mrs. Jean Wadland, Stephen Wadland and Sandy Wadland in front of the Hornby schoolhouse.

1-18 Strachan Family History, 1996

Re: one bound book with details of Strachan family geneology, author unknown

1-19 Strachan Family – Untitled memories of Jim Griffith, 2002, 2018

Re: Jim Griffith’s (grandson of Jim and Martha Strachan) memories of living on Hornby Island in the 1930’s and 1940’s

1-20 Stonehouse, Bertie: correspondence 2001

Re: letter written to clear up some misinformation in the First Edition newspaper regarding the French Farm Barn, Barney French, and Jessie (Erlandsen) French as well as describing some aspects of Hornby life in the 1950’s