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Hornby Island Community Archives

R.G. 38

Acc. No.: 2019-10-02/80; 2019-11-20/87; 2019-11-21/88

Finding aid created by Regan Fahey

Last updated: November 2019

Title: Archives Collection

Level of description: Collection

General material designations: textual records

Extent:13 cm

Dates of creation: 1979-2018

Administrative History: In 1981 an Archives Committee was formed in the New Horizons Society, comprised of Betty Smith, Dave Gerow, Hilary Brown and Moira Armour with the objectives to assemble records of early Hornby Island settlers and to raise money to finance an additional space at the Library Centre to house the historical collection that had already been acquired, as well as future acquisitions. Over the years volunteers, and at times employees, collected and catalouged peices of Hornby Island’s history. Outgrowing the small space allocated to the Archives in the New Horizons building in 2010 fundraising began in earnest for a new building to be constructed to house the archives that met the required conditions for their preservation.

Scope and content: Records created by the Archives Committee, volunteers and employees over the course of the estblishment and growth of the Hornby Island Community Archives.

Source of supplied title: Title is based on the creator of the collection.

Immediate source of acquistion: Hornby Island Community Archives, Margaret Sinclair, Oakley Rankin

Arrangement: The original filing scheme of the records was reconstructed during archival arrangement on the basis of chronological order.

Language of materials: English

Record no.: R.G. 38

Repository: Hornby Island Community Archives

Finding aids: Finding aid available with file level control

Associated material: Other records related to the Archives can be found in the Betty Smith Collection and the Hornby Island Community School Collection.

Accruals: 2019-11-20/87; 2019-11-21/88. Further accruals are expected

File Inventory

1-1 Correspondence, notes and notices, 1979,1981-1983, 1985, 1987, 1989

Re: acquistion of old postal scale for collection, grant applications, supplies, canvassing for historical recollections – written and oral, desire for a seperate building to house archives, thankful acknowlegements and information on historical objects – example Greville Seon’s Air Warden’s rattle – on display for the Archives official opening, request for donations, and miscellaneous.

1-2 Hornby Island Archives Opening Guest Book, August 28, 1985

1-3 Epehemera, 1985

Hornby Island Archives official opening poster and invitations.

1-4 Hornby Island Archives Accession Book, 1985-1990

1-5 Epehemera, lists and records, 1985, 1988, 1991

Re: index cards with original filing system of the Hornby Archives, location file of the holdings of the Archives, index cards and accesssion records for historial objects that were in the possession of the Archives before being deaccessioned for being outside the scope of the Hornby Island Community Archvies policy.

1-6 Reports and financial documents, n.d, 1983-1985, 1990-1991, 1993

Re: Archives Committee reports to its’ parent organization the New Horizons Society

1-7 Petty cash book, 1985, 1990-1993

1-8 Correspondence, notes, notices, ephemera and financial documents, 1990-1992

Re: the need for the Archives to develop a policy, notes about the structure of the Archives, questions for the committee and required equipment, agreements for material on loan, policy of the Hornby Island Archives, question/answer sheet about Hornby archives, genealogy workshop, income and expenses worksheet, notes on heritage trust grants, Savoie family display notes, Hornby Island Heritage Fund, and miscellaneous

1-9 Correspondence, 1990-1993

Re: canvassing early settlers for their recollections of early Hornby life and/or donations, requests for and/or acknowlegement of the return of material loaned to Betty Smith for research for the book Ebb and Flow, 100th year anniversary of the school, and miscellaneous

1-10 Meeting minutes, 1990-1993

Re: Archives Committee meeting minutes

1-11 Survey of Heritage Institutions and Correspondence, 1990-1994

Re: Statistics Canada surveys and correspondence realted to

1-12 Minutes, notes, correspondence, reports and ephemera, 2006-2007, 2012-2013

Re: grant application, archival committee meeting minutes, site visit report from the archives association of British Columbia, fundraising for new building, and miscellaneous

1-13 Building the new Archives: correspondence, permits, architectural drawings and maps, 2010-


1-14 Moving to the New Archives: ephemera, c.2015

1-15 Hornby Island Archives Freezer Log Book, 2015, 2017

1-16 Hornby Island Community Archives Grand Opening posters, 2018

1-17 Hornby Island Community Archives Grand Opening guest book, June 21, 2018

Accrual 2019-11-20/87

2-1 Hornby Island Archives Journal, July 1985-1986, 1990-1993

Re: a journal cataloging the personnel and the activities of the Archives organization

2-2 Grant Applications and correspondence, 2006, 2008-2009, 2011

2-3 Reports and Correspondence, 2007-2008

Re: reports to the Archives committee from Margaret Sinclair, Hornby Island Community Archives mandate and policies, New Horizons Society constitution, correspondence from School regarding the archives project Hornby Elders Speaking to Island Youth and final report outline letters of support from a variety of Island organizations

2-4 “Off the Grid”: Hornby Homes display, c.2010 (13 posterboard, 263 photographs on disc)

4-1 “Off the Grid”: Hornby Homes

4-2 Margaret Sinclair’s Post & Beam House

4-3 Alastair Helestine’s Studio

4-4 Jan & Pat Kennedy’s Straw Bale House

4-5 Jodi Snijders & Edward Kooij’s Straw Bale House

4-6 Nell Snijders’ Stack Wall House

4-7 Serena & Richard Laskin’s House

4-8 Judi Stransman & Brian Amos’s Post & Beam House

4-9 Ilkka Salo’s Post & Beam Workshop

4-10 Susan Cain & Vaughn Neville’s Post & Beam House

4-11 Nell Snijders’ Stack Wall House, 1980’s (photo)

4-12 odi Snijders & Edward Kooij’s Straw Bale House (photo)

4-13 Brian Amos & Dale Devost milling lumber (photo)

4-14 “Off the Grid” posters (9 photographs on disc)

Re:Alastair, Brian & Judi, Ilkka, Jan & Pat, Jodi & Edward, Margaret, Nell & Ernst, Richard & Serena, Vaughn and Susan

2-4 “Off the Grid”: Hornby Homes display, c.2010 (13 posterboard, 263 photographs on disc)


4-15“Off the Grid Houses” (78 photographs on disc)

Re: Alastair’s studio (12 photographs), David Yuill (9 photographs), Ernst and Nell (13 photographs), Ilka’s studio (8 photographs), Jan & Pat (12 photographs), Jodi & Edward (7 photographs), Richard & Serena (7 photographs), Vaughn & Susan (10 photographs)

4-16 Brian Amos & Judi Stansman (3 photographs on disc)

4-17 Nell’s House photos (126 photographs on disc)

4-18 Jan & Pat, Whaling Stn log house (19 photographs on disc)

4-19 Vaughn Neville (31 photographs on disc)

2-5 New Horizons Archive Project, 2007 (71 photographs on disc)

Re: Fall fair archive booth with Doris Savoie and Thanksgiving Exhibit at the School

2-6 How, When, Why….A Few Voices , n.d

Re: recollections of how some Hornby Islanders came to call this Island home – Lloyd House, stevi parker kittleson, Serena and Richard Laskin, John Grunewald, Vaughn Neville, Phoebe Long, Michael McNamara, Steve Pacheco, Carol (Martin) Quin, Robear LeBaron, Margaret Sinclair, Jan Bevan, Dale Devost, Carole Chambers, Joan Harris, David Wiseman, Helen Onorah, Becca Dunne, Anne Ngan, Jerry Swatez, Joy Swatez, Giles and Cassandra Bassett

Accrual 2019-11-21/88

2-7 Application, mintues and reports, 2006-2008

Re: grant application, Committee meeting minutes, Archives coordinator monthly report, site visit report from archives association of B.C., notes on visit to Cumberland archives, “Hornby Elders Speak to Island Youth” project end report, and miscellaneous

2-8 New building: Report, proposals, correspondence, maps and architectural drawings, 2010-2011

Re: report to Committee on building possibilities and permits needed, quotes for building, siting and use permit, scaled map and building placements, proposal to New Horizons Society to construct building to house Archival Collection, architectural drawings and notes

2-9 Correspondence, notes, applications, financial documents, minutes, reports, 2011-2012, 2015- 2017

Re: funding for the archives, meeting minutes, grant application, financial statements, report to HIRRA, and miscellaneous